Welcome to the Rhema Group website and our blog. My name is Todd Scholl and I am one of the co-founders of the Rhema Group. Mike Farr is the other co-founder and amazing co-laborer with Christ. With this website and our blog we hope to share testimonies of what the Lord is doing in the community. Hopefully this will inspire you to do the same or at least feel a desire to know Christ more and more each day, and walk in the joy He has provided. Many of us in our walk with the Lord have come to a point where we are not exactly experiencing fullness in Christ, and in many ways are at our wits end. Some of us are just drifting along knowing the Lord has much more in store for us then what we have settled for, but we really don’t know how to get a hold of the abundance of truth and promises shown in the Bible. I can tell you with all confidence that the Lord has intentions for you that is much larger than what you might have settled for. It isn’t based on any of your talents, although that can come into play but it is based on your desire to know Him and seek Him in all you do. If you pursue the Lord He comes near to you and shows His face, heart and will to you. He wants to be intimate with you and let you experience a relationship where you are hearing the masters voice and you respond to what He says and take action because you love Him. You have been designed to do amazing things for the Lord and bring His Kingdom here on earth just like it is in Heaven. You are a new creature in Christ and the old is gone. You are no longer a slave to sin but a slave to righteousness and with that comes transformation for not only you but the people surrounding your life. You are the light of the world. That can be hard to accept personally because we usually look at ourselves in a negative way thinking we are being humble. Besides, only Jesus is the light of the world, right? Well….Jesus would disagree because Jesus says you are the light of the world in Mathew 5. Can you accept that and walk in that light and truth of who you are? I think you can and no doubt so does the Lord. So welcome to this journey and see what the Lord has in store for you. May the God of all hope shower you with His intentions and unending love for you. God Bless.