Here is a collection of some resources which are helpful tools in life.

Who you are in Christ

Graham Cooke

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Graham Cooke certainly brings an amazing perspective on our identity in Christ. His teaching series on the Mind of  Saint is amazing. Any teachings of Graham’s are good. Go to his website to sign up for his email postings. Go to this link to listen to one of his summarized compilations of his teachings.

Kingdom Living

Dan Mohler

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Everyone is unique in one way or another but Dan has a revelation of scripture unlike anyone we have heard. Dan will challenge lots of false belief systems Christians establish in their hearts thinking it is truth based on scripture. Dan loves to bring encouragement for Christians to live out the truth of God’s scriptures and bring transformation in the body of Christ. This teaching link above goes through Romans 6 and 7, and explains it in a way that the Church has really missed for the most part. To be quite honest, any teaching you find on YouTube from Dan Mohler is good. However, Dan can be kind of quirky so don’t let his teaching style trip you up but he is the real deal and a wonderful man of God.

Igniting Hope

Steve & Wendy Backlund

This amazing couple are experts in mind renewal and have lots of resources to help with this. I encourage you to sign up for the email so they can send you their inspirational teachings. You can also search for them on YouTube to listen to their teachings.

Heaven Bound but Going Nowhere

JB McKoy

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Our wonderful Brother JB was led by the Lord to write this desperately needed book for the body of Christ. This book is a challenging and foundational read to intentionally engage in renewing the mind towards Biblical truth and really learn to be free in Christ. The book can be read individually but it can also be used in a Bible Study or Class with a leader’s guide to go with it. We highly recommend this book.

Identity Theft

Quinn R. Kennedy

Our Brother Bob Kennedy wrote this simple and straightforward approach to our identity in Christ and what the enemy has done to steal it from us. Excellent read. Go to his website to purchase the book.

Are Christians Sinners?

Anthony Guida

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Anthony’s book was certainly a labor of love for the truth of what the scriptures were teaching. Anthony’s heart to know and pursue Christ is amazing and this gets revealed in this book. Of course, he is a Rhema Brother so we know him. It is a well written book that takes on some of the long held beliefs of the Church pertaining to our identity in Christ. Get ready for some strong held beliefs to be seriously challenged. Beliefs that we think are Biblical but really are not. Anthony Guida dares to breach this subject so ask the Lord to prepare your heart and mind to receive, and to not simply throw the baby out with the bathwater.